Halifax Borough Dauphin County, Pennsylvania 

Elected and Appointed Officials

Halifax Borough Officials:
*President-Michael Enders,116 Buffalo Park Rd., 896-3609, Term exp. 1-2020

*Vice President-Paul Enders, P.O. Box 274, 896-3127, Term exp. 1-2018

*Councilman--James Brown, 43 North Sixth Street, 896-3597, Term exp. 1-2018
*Councilman--Lee Adams, 105 North Fifth Street, 701-9944, Term exp. 1-2020
*Councilman--Christopher T. Blose, 625 Linndon Drive, Apt 22, 215-4764, Term exp. 1-2018
*Councilman--Dana Michael, 129 Church Lane, 896-3973, Term exp. 1-2020 
*Councilman--Christopher Stipe, 29 N. 3rd St, 645-4618, Term exp. 1-2020

Office of Mayor:
Mayor Jeffrey O. Enders, Term Exp. 01-2018
P.O. Box 547
Home: 717-896-8074
Work: 717-255-2818
Term expires 01-2018

Office of Secretary and Treasurer:
David Hoover
Hoover Financial Services
3733 Peters Mtn. Rd.
Ofc: 717-896-3886
Fax: 717-896-3780

Office of Borough Manager & Code Enforcement:
Larry Rank
111 Chestnut Street, PO Box 419
fax: 717-827-2124

Committee Members:
Committee listing
Dauphin County Officials


PA State Officials

Governor Tom Wolf 

House Representative-104th District:

Susan C. Helm

Senator 15th District:

Rob Teplitz

US Officials

House of Representatives 11th Congressional District

Lou Barletta


Patrick J. Toomey
Robert P. Casey, Jr.

President-The White House:

President Barrack Obama
Halifax Borough Professional Service Providers

Glace Associates, Inc.
3705 Trindle Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011
ph: 717-731-1579

Engineering Consultant
Robert Kissinger
1129 Dowhower Rd
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Cell: 717-982-1149
UCC/Zoning Services Consultant
LTL Consultants, LTD.
207 W, Penn Ave.
Cleona, PA 17042
Cell: 717-272-2609

Christian Daghir
Etzweiler & Associates
105 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Ofc: 717-234-5600
Fax: 717-234-5610

Diebler, Straub, & Troutman, Inc.
Keystone Insurers Group
P.O. Box 828
2 West Main Street
Elizabethville, PA 17023
Ph: 717-362-8600

Law Enforcement
Halifax Police Department

203 Armstrong St.
Phone: 717-896-3168
Fax: 717-896-3110